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How Social Emotional Learning Supports Racial Equity

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum can be used to address and educate our students about racial equity, encompassing aspects of racial injustice and inequality.


I Would Rather Be Reading programs actively incorporate SEL practices to help students navigate the feelings that may arise from experiencing racial injustice. By delving into these emotions, we foster discussions about empathy and empower children with tools to contribute to solutions. This involves guiding them through understanding racism and injustice, fostering appreciation for diversity, and nurturing conflict resolution skills. Now more than ever, SEL is crucial for ensuring our children grow up in a world where they feel valued, respected, and heard, regardless of their skin color.


Conversations surrounding race can be challenging, even for adults, let alone children. Beginning with reading can be an effective way to initiate these conversations. Here are a few books we recommend:

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