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Literacy Launchpad

Unlocking Potential: Expanding Our Space to Transform Lives

A beacon of hope, I Would Rather Be Reading (IWRBR) stands in the heart of the city of Louisville. Imagine a future where our space knows no bounds – where walls give way to boundless opportunities. With your support, we are writing a new chapter for I Would Rather Be Reading, where expanded facilities will not only alleviate the strain on our current operations but the Literacy Launchpad will pave the way for transformative initiatives.

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The Vision

At I Would Rather Be Reading, our vision is to create a community where every child has the opportunity to unlock their full potential through the transformative power of literacy and education. With our capital campaign, we aim to turn this vision into reality by expanding our impact and reach.

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The Promise of Expansion

IWRBR occupies a portion of the building located at 828 S 6th Street. The multifaceted demands on our space strain our capacity to deliver our programs effectively. Our space, while bustling and intentional, struggles to accommodate the diverse needs of our organization. Currently, we are using one large room for all of the following:

  • Collaborative Workspace: Used daily for brainstorming sessions to project execution, our staff relies on this space for seamless collaboration.

  • Training Facility: Essential training sessions for both staff and volunteers are conducted here, including those crucial to the success of our Literacy Launchpad initiative.

  • Community Learning Space: Our space serves as a vital setting for crucial meetings and workshops where decisions are made to drive our mission forward.

  • Resource Center: Our flagship program, Educate & Elevate, faces logistical challenges due to space constraints, impacting its reach and effectiveness.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: Our Vision for Expansion

Transformative Potential:

At the heart of our expansion lies the promise of reaching more students, unlocking their potential, and shaping a brighter future for our community. Here's how the enhanced capacity of our space will empower us to make a difference:

  • Serving 5,150 students: Through various programs and initiatives under the Literacy Launchpad umbrella, we will have the capacity to support students daily, addressing their diverse literacy needs and nurturing their growth.

  • Training more staff and volunteers: With expanded facilities, we will be equipped to train a larger cohort of dedicated staff and volunteers, arming them with the skills and knowledge needed to make a meaningful impact in the lives of 28% more students.

  • Drop-in tutoring services: Our headquarters will become a sanctuary of support, offering drop-in tutoring services to students in need, providing them with personalized assistance and guidance free of charge.

  • Scaling the adoption or our curriculum: The expansion will enable us to amplify the reach of our proprietary curriculum, Mindful Literacy, empowering more organizations to implement our evidence-based approach to literacy intervention and social skill development.

Goal of the Campaign

Student Raising Hand

Our campaign aims to raise $1.5 million to fund the expansion and renovation of our facilities. With this funding, we will increase our capacity to serve more students, train additional staff and volunteers, and establish vital resources such as a drop-in tutoring service, all with the overarching goal of empowering and enriching the lives of children in our community.


1) Our first milestone is to raise $144,000 to secure the purchase of the building, a crucial step in realizing our vision of expanding our facilities and enhancing our ability to serve the community.

2) Next, we'll focus on raising $556,000 to finalize the purchase of the building, marking a significant step forward in our campaign to expand our facilities and broaden our impact within the community.

3) Finally, we'll raise $500,000 to renovate the space, enabling us to create a dynamic and functional environment that will better serve our mission and the needs of our community.

Get Involved

The success of the Literacy Launchpad campaign hinges on the collective efforts of our community. Every contribution, whether big or small, plays a vital role in empowering students, transforming lives, and reshaping the educational landscape in Louisville. Here's how you can make a difference:

1. Donate:

Your financial support is instrumental in helping us reach our fundraising goals and realize our vision of expanding our facilities, providing essential resources, and empowering students with the gift of literacy. No donation is too small, and every dollar makes a difference.

2. Volunteer:

Join our dedicated team of volunteers and make a direct impact in the lives of students. Whether you're passionate about tutoring, event planning, or fundraising, there are countless opportunities to lend your time, skills, and expertise to support our mission.

3. Spread the Word:

Help us amplify our message and reach a wider audience by spreading the word about the Literacy Launchpad campaign. Share our campaign on social media, engage with our content, and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to get involved and support our cause.

4. Sponsor & Attend Our Events:

Stay engaged and connected with our community by attending our events, workshops, and fundraisers. From educational seminars to fundraising galas, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and support our mission in person.

Together, We Can Make a Difference:

By coming together as a community, we have the power to break down barriers, unlock potential, and create a brighter future for generations to come. Join us in our mission to empower every child with the gift of literacy and pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive tomorrow.

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