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Literacy Mentor Monday: Torey

Every Monday, we highlight one of our Literacy Mentors from an I Would Rather Be Reading learning hub to learn more about the work they do and their experiences working with our students. Today, we'll share our conversation with Torey who is a tutor at our Jacobs learning hub.

Tell us who you are and what your role is here!

"My name is Torey, I'm a substitute teacher for JCPS. My role here is to help the kids, facilitate their learning experience, and be a role model for them. I'm also here to help them through the craziness of this pandemic."

What do you most look forward to at work?

"I definitely enjoy working with the kids and getting to see their progress. Seeing them grow, whether socially or in their schoolwork as they pick up new concepts, is important to me. I love getting to watch their confidence evolve."

Why is the learning hub important to our students?

"The learning hubs are important to our students because it allows them to get some interaction outside of being on their computers all day. Before the pandemic, they were used to having more social interaction. Many students are struggling with this new type of learning so being able to have one-on-one interaction with an educator helps them to focus on their schoolwork and their achievements. This program is something that will help bridge the gap for them once school starts back up."

Thank you, Torey!

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