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Literacy Mentor Monday: Angela

Tell us who you are and what your role is here!

"My name is Angela and I am a learning hub tutor at our Shively and Park Hill sites. I help the students get on to their meetings on time and help them with assignments. If they are struggling with their schoolwork, I work with them one-on-one to help them understand and make sure their work is turned in on time."

What is one memory you have working with a student at this learning hub?

"Working with the kids, watching them learn new things. When they catch on to something new it is always memorable to me. The other day, on of our students learned about something new and they shared facts they had learned with the group, and even I learned something."

What do you most look forward to at work?

"I enjoy seeing their smiling faces when they walk through the door and hearing about what they did the night before. It's nice to learn something new about each student and to see them as a whole person. In my opinion, relationships are everything."

Why is the learning hub important to our students?

"One of the most important things about our learning hubs is that students get one-on-one interaction with their tutors and other students. Getting in person attention is important when they need help learning new things."

Thank you, Angela!

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