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Celebrating a Year of Impact: Reflecting on StoneTurn’s Volunteer Efforts and the Ripple Effect

It has been a year since StoneTurn's inspiring volunteer efforts kicked off a wave of community engagement and support for the students of Louisville through I Would Rather Be Reading (IWRBR). The impact of their involvement is still felt today, as their pioneering spirit has encouraged other companies to follow suit, leaving a lasting footprint in our community.

A Year of Positive Change

Last year, 160 StoneTurn employees from around the world gathered in Louisville for their bi-annual company meeting and chose to spend their time making a difference. Their participation in the "Hello Summer" kickoff event marked the beginning of a season filled with joy, learning, and connection for over 550 students. The volunteers provided not just their time, but also financial support and essential supplies, ensuring the success of the event.

The presence of these global citizens helped students feel seen, loved, valued, and respected. StoneTurn's involvement went beyond typical corporate social responsibility—it created a sense of global connectedness and inspired hope in the hearts of young learners.

StoneTurn volunteers with I Would Rather Be Reading.
StoneTurn Volunteers to Run the Firetruck Station at I Would Rather Be Reading's Summer Kickoff.

Inspiring Others to Act

The example set by StoneTurn did not go unnoticed. In the months following their volunteer work, other companies traveling to Louisville have been inspired to contribute to the community. One notable example is the Education Finance Council, which hosted their nationwide meeting in Louisville. They organized a bourbon auction to raise funds for IWRBR programs, demonstrating their commitment to education and community support. Their efforts have further enriched the lives of students, providing additional resources and opportunities for growth.

Building a Legacy of Support

The ripple effect of StoneTurn's initial involvement is evident as more companies recognize the value of giving back to the community. These contributions have helped solidify a culture of support and engagement, ensuring that students continue to receive the resources and encouragement they need to thrive.

StoneTurn volunteers in Louisville at I Would Rather Be Reading.
StoneTurn Employees from Across the Globe Volunteer to Paint Faces at I Would Rather Be Reading's Summer Kickoff.

Get Involved: Make a Difference

As we celebrate this milestone, we invite other companies, both local and national, to join in this ongoing effort. Whether you're in Louisville for a conference, a retreat, or as part of the local business community, your involvement can have a profound impact. Supporting programs like IWRBR’s Read to Lead Summer Camp helps create a nurturing environment where students feel valued and connected.

Any company looking to make a difference can get involved by contacting IWRBR through their website or by emailing Ashley Dearinger, the CEO and Founder, at Your participation can help continue the legacy of support and ensure that every student in Louisville feels seen, loved, valued, and respected.

A Bright Future Ahead

The past year has shown us the incredible difference that committed companies can make in the lives of young students. StoneTurn's volunteer efforts have set a powerful example, and the subsequent involvement of other companies has only amplified this positive impact. As we look to the future, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and are grateful for the continued support of our community partners.

Together, we can make every moment count and create a brighter, more connected future for the students of Louisville. Join us in this mission and leave your footprint of compassion and commitment to education.

StoneTurn volunteers in Louisville at I Would Rather Be Reading.
StoneTurn employees are a shining example of corporate social responsibility, creating a brighter future for children in Louisville.

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