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Literacy Mentor Monday: Jaclyn

Every Monday, we highlight one of our Literacy Mentors from an I Would Rather Be Reading learning hub to learn more about the work they do and their experiences working with our students. Today, we'll share our conversation with Jaclyn who is a site director at our Park Hill learning hub.

Tell us who you are and what your role is here!

"My name is Jaclyn and I am the site director at the Park Hill. I communicate with the families and work with the tutors to ensure that their taking a trauma-informed approach to tutoring."

What is one memory you have working with a student at this learning hub?

"One of my most memorable moments was with one of my students who is in the third grade and was starting to learn his multiplication tables. I was working on the white board with him, drawing out the problem, and it finally clicked for him. He got his answers correct and he now understands how to complete multiplication tables."

What do you most look forward to at work?

"I've been working with the kids at this learning hub for about three months now. One of the major reasons I like to work with these kids is getting to see the 'aha!' moment once they catch onto something that you're teaching them. I've had that experience with every child here."

Why is the learning hub important to our students?

"For our students, I believe the learning hub is important because it gives them an outlet away from home. During NTI they're spending a lot of time at home, and when they come here they get the chance to see new faces. It also helps them to stay up to date on their virtual work."

Thank you, Jaclyn!

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