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Literacy Mentor Monday: Darmontre

Every Monday, we highlight one of our Literacy Mentors from an I Would Rather Be Reading learning hub to learn more about the work they do and their experiences working with our students. Today, we'll share our conversation with Darmontre who is a tutor at our Jacobs Community learning hub.

Tell us who you are and what your role is here!

"My name is Darmontre and I am a learning hub tutor. My job is helping the kiddos with their schoolwork and making sure they understand the content that they're studying, they're staying on task and they're turning in their assignments on time."

What do you most look forward to at work?

"I look forward to working with all of our kids. Each kid has a different personality and needs a different kind of compassion. Its important to learn about each kid and what they need to help them be the best that they can be. The best thing about the learning hub for me is coming together with all of our students to achieve one goal, which is helping them get their work done and staying on task."

Why is the learning hub important to our students?

"Our learning hubs provide our students with a school setting and help them stay engaged in their schoolwork. This has been especially important during the pandemic when the kids are spending a lot of time at home on their computers. The learning hub helps them to achieve a school-oriented mindset so they can continue to improve during this time."

Thank you, Mr. Tre!

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