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Park Hill Community Center 

Thanks to the support of generous donors, I Would Rather Be Reading operates an NTI Camp for JCPS students at the Park Hill Community Center.

Children in Kindergarten through 6th grade are able to attend!


NTI Camp Hours

Camp operates from 4:30p.m. - 6:30p.m. Monday - Thursday for the duration of NTI. Children may arrive at the center as early as 4:15p.m. Since live sessions take place during regular school hours, we focus on ensuring children attend complete 2-3 assignments each day. If time permits, children who attend camp will receive additional age-appropriate reading and math enrichment lessons. 

Extracurricular Activities

To meet the needs of the whole child, the last thirty minutes of each day are reserved for extra curricular activities. Enrichment options such as lessons in drama, yoga, cooking, and physical health will be offered to all students attending NTI camp at no additional cost. 


I Would Rather Be Reading is working with Evolve 502 and JCPS to provide each child with a daily meal and snack.  


Facts to Know

  • Students must bring their own charged device and headphones or earbuds daily.

  • Staff will need access to each child's JCPS username and password to best assist students with NTI work.

  • NTI staff are able and willing to be directly connected to the child’s classroom teacher at the guardian’s request. 


Click below to Register your students! 

FYI- Enrollment is open through October 14th for children who attend IWRBR partner schools McFerran, Byck, or Jacob. All other children may register beginning October 15th.